Elvis During The Concert Years

During the 1970’s, Elvis performs numerous concerts, plus he breaks attendance records in Las Vegas. In addition, he receives the “Outstanding Young Men” award in 1971.

In 1972, a long stretch of Highway 51, which runs in front of Graceland, is renamed “Elvis Presley Blvd.” Also, during this year, Elvis and Priscilla separate. A divorce soon follows. In 1973, Elvis appears in the Aloha From Hawaii TV special. After this show, Elvis’ health begins to deteriorate. By 1975, his bad health clearly begins to show. In June of 1977, Elvis performs his last concert in Indiana.

Elvis name in lights

Elvis signing autographs

Elvis signing autographs.

Elvis waving

Elvis in 1975.

Elvis with camera.

Elvis says, “I think I know how these things work.”

Elvis Hawaii tv special

Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii

Elvis Up Close During the Aloha Concert.

Elvis during the Aloha Concert.

Elvis onstage in Vegas

Elvis on stage in Las Vegas.

A candid Elvis onstage.

A candid Elvis shows off his ring.

Elvis getting a rose from a fan in the late 70s.

Elvis getting a rose from a fan.

Elvis Having Fun Onstage in Vegas

Elvis having fun onstage in Vegas.

Elvis rehearsing for Vegas show.

Elvis says, “What are you doing?”

Elvis says, “I think I know this song.”

Elvis on stage

Elvis on stage.

Elvis rehearsing

Elvis getting ready for the show.

Elvis live

Elvis live in concert.

Elvis taking a karate stance onstage.

Elvis says: “Hey, Charlie, hand me my guitar.”

Elvis throwing a scarf to a fan in 1977

Elvis throwing a scarf to a fan at a concert in 1977.

Elvis up close

Elvis, up close and personal.

Elvis waving to audience

Elvis waving to audience.

Elvis with mike caught in necklace

Elvis says, “My mike is caught in my necklace.”

Elvis leaving stage

Elvis waving to fans as he leaves the stage.

Elvis during the Aloha concert

Elvis during the Aloha concert.

Elvis with questioning look on his face

Elvis says, “Say what?”

A candid Elvis in That's The Way It Is

Elvis In That's The Way It Is

Elvis Wearing a Blue Spangled Jumpsuit

Elvis Decked Out In A Blue Spangled Jumpsuit

1970s Elvis Wearing Green and Black Jumpsuit

1970s Elvis Looking Snazzy



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