Elvis Graphic Tributes

Here are a few graphics I made that are tributes to Elvis.

A Life That Is Remembered Graphic

Elvis Tears Like Rain Graphic

Elvis Goodbye For Now Graphic

Elvis Precious Memories Graphic

Elvis Just Pretend Blingee Tag

Elvis Good Rocking Tonight Blingee Tag

I made these Blingees at Blingee.com :)

Elvis Graphic

Elvis in a blue chrome frame.

Elvis Roses Graphic


Elvis Anniversary Tag 2010

A few Imikimi Graphics I customized. :)

Elvis Love Your Music Graphic

Elvis The Beat Goes On Graphic

Elvis Superstar Graphic

Elvis Real Rock and Roll Graphic

The following graphic is one that I made to commemorate the 34th Anniversary of Elvis' passing.

Elvis 34th Anniversary Graphic

The following graphic is one that I made commemorating the 35th Anniversary of Elvis' passing. 

Elvis 35th Anniversary Tag


Elvis Santa graphic

Elvis Christmas graphic I made at Imkimi.


Feel free to snag any of these that you want. :) Elvis shared so much with his fans and he left us so much to share that I feel it's only right that I share my Elvis works with the rest of the Elvis family. :) The only thing I ask is if you put one on your own website that you include a link back to mine. Thanks. Let's keep loving Elvis.


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