Even More Elvis In The 50’s

Here are some candid photos of Elvis during the decade that defined rock and roll history. Unfortunately, the 1950s was also the last time Elvis could go out during the day.

A young Elvis in a publicity shot.

Elvis looking very dreamy.

Elvis smiling.

Elvis: What a smile!

Young Elvis in the 1950s

Elvis: Early Years.

A dreamy looking young Elvis.

Elvis: Enough said.

Young Elvis relaxing at home.

Elvis says, Is that a fly on the wall?

Elvis with his mother circa 1956

Elvis with his mother circa 1956.

Elvis behind the wheel of a go-cart.

Elvis says, “Gee, guys I didn’t know that was there.”

Elvis at home with his mother circa 1956

Elvis at home with his mother.

A young Elvis sleeping

Elvis says, “I don’t want to get up.”

Elvis by a tree.

A young Elvis leans against a tree.

A young Elvis wearing a green jacket.

Elvis looking cool.

A young Elvis in the mid 1950s

Elvis in the mid 1950’s.

Elvis in the early 50s.

Elvis in the1950’s.

Upclose shot of a young Elvis.

Elvis up close.

Elvis in the 1950s

A young Elvis outside a hotel.

A young Elvis looking like he needs a break.

Elvis says, “I need a break, folks.”

Elvis in a black and white publicity photo.

Elvis in a publicity photo.

A young Elvis signs autographs for his teenage fans.

Elvis in the 50s.

Elvis in a 1950s publicity photo.

Black and white photo of Elvis in the 50s.

Young Elvis in the 50s.

Elvis wearing a sweater.

Elvis all decked out for fall.

A young Elvis stands by his motorcycle.

A young Elvis with his Harley.

Elvis standing outside his house with his parents in 1955.

Elvis with his parents circa 1955.

Elvis in a 1950s publicity shot.

Elvis looking hot, hot hot!

Upclose shot of a 1950s Elvis.

1950s Elvis up close.

Elvis puckering up for the camera

Elvis, wanna smooch?


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