Graceland Horses

“When you're on a horse, it becomes part of you.

It’s surprisin’ how much you can look forward to the morning when there's a horse waitin’ on you.”

Quote by Elvis.**

The horses at Graceland are reminiscent of the time when Elvis lived there.

Elvis owned a Golden Palomino named Rising Sun which was his favorite horse. In fact, for a while, Elvis referred to the barn at Graceland as, “House of Rising Sun.” There was a descendent of Rising Sun in the pasture at Graceland, until Sun’s Reflection died during the summer of 2009. Mare Ingram was a mixed breed bay Elvis named after William Ingram the mayor of Memphis at the time Elvis bought the horse. Elvis named the horse Mare Ingram after Mayor Ingram had a long stretch of Highway 51 South, which runs in front of Graceland, renamed Elvis Presley Blvd. Elvis also owned a Tennessee Walking Horse named Ebony’s Double, which he taught to drink Pepsi® from a can, a trick the horse continued to do for many years after.* Ebony’s Double died at Graceland in January 2005 at the ripe old age of 32.


Elvis riding his horse Rising Sun

Elvis riding Rising Sun.

Ebony's Double

Ebony’s Double

Elvis' Horse Mare Ingram.

Mare Ingram

Rising Sun

Rising Sun

Rising Sun grazing with Lisa Marie's pony.

Rising Sun grazing in the pasture with Lisa Marie’s Shetland pony, Moriah.

Graceland Horses

Several of the horses at Graceland.

Graceland Horse

Graceland Horse.

Max, new horse at Graceland with previous owner, Carole-Terese

Max, new horse at Graceland with his previous owner, Carole-Terese

Candy and Tucker

Candy and Tucker, new horses at Graceland.


Elvis Signiture


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*This text courtesy of Graceland’s Rising Sun Fan Club newsletter, September 2000 edition. All photos except one of multiple horses , Elvis riding Rising Sun, and one of Graceland Horse courtesy of Graceland’s Rising Sun Fan Club’s Newsletter Editor, Jean Donovan. Photo of Max with Carole Terese courtesy of Carole Terese.

**This quote can be found in the book The World According to Elvis: Quotes From The King by Jeff Rovin.