Inside Elvis’ “Castle”

The entire first floor and basement of Graceland is open to the public for tours. Upon entering the front door, you are essentially taken back to the time when Elvis lived there. From the living room to the Jungle Room, Graceland provides a unique look inside Elvis’ world.

Remember, Elvis always delighted in showing off his home; so, enjoy taking a peek inside his beloved mansion.

The Music Room at Graceland.

The Music Room at Graceland.

Painting of Elvis on the wall in Graceland's living room

Painting of Elvis on wall of Graceland’s living room.

Graceland livingroom

The living room at Graceland.

Graceland Dining room

The dining room at Graceland.

Graceland Kitchen

The kitchen at Graceland.

Elvis' parents' bedroom at Graceland

Elvis’ parents’ bedroom on the first floor of Graceland.

Elvis' featherbed

Elvis’ feather bed.

Graceland poolroom

The Pool Room at Graceland.

The Jungle room

The Jungle Room at Graceland.

Graceland TV Room

The TV Room at Graceland.

Wall of gold records at Graceland

Graceland ‘Wall of Gold’

The soda fountain at Graceland.

Graceland soda fountain.


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