More of Elvis in the 1950ís

The 1950s was the decade that “made” Elvis. It was during this era that fans felt they could get close to Elvis.

Elvis also starred in his first four movies during this decadeóLove Me Tender; Loving You; Jailhouse Rock; and King Creole.

  A young Elvis looking over his shoulder.

Elvis looks over his shoulder and wonders who’s there.

Elvis on the Louisiana Hayride show

Elvis on the Louisiana Hayride.

Young Elvis onstage in the 1950s.

A young Elvis onstage.

Elvis standing by a police car

Elvis says, “There should be a law against mosquitoes.”

Elvis:Fifties Hearthrob

Elvis: Fifties Heartthrob.

Elvis on stage in 1957.

Elvis on stage in 1957.

A young Elvis poses with his guitar.

A young Elvis poses with his guitar.

Elvis in gold suit

  Elvis 1957.

Elvis wearing gold suit.

Elvis decked out in gold suit.

young Elvis in 1957

     A young Elvis: circa 1957.

Elvis at Christmastime in the eary years

Elvis at Christmastime in the early years.

Young, Handsome Elvis

Young, handsome Elvis.

A young Elvis sits on a Lincoln Continental Mark II

A young Elvis atop a Lincoln Continental Mark II.

Elvis standing against a wall

Elvis standing against a wall after a concert.

Elvis by a fence

Elvis posing by a fence.

Irresistable Elvis

Elvis, looking irresistible.

A dreamy looking young Elvis.

Elvis: One word: Wow!

Elvis reading a book.

Elvis takes time out to read a book.

Elvis in the 1950s

Early Elvis.

Elvis on a train.

Elvis on the train, heading home.

Elvis Yawning backstage

Elvis says, “I’m sleepy.”

Elvis with Debra Paget and another woman

Elvis on the set of Love Me Tender with Debra Paget and another woman.

A young Elvis wearing a striped jacket.

Simply Elvis.

Elvis At Recording Studio In The 50s

Elvis at Recording Studio.

Elvis Recording Song in the 50s.

A 1950s Elvis Records a Song.

1950s Elvis with Gladys and Vernon.

A 1950s Elvis stands with Gladys and Vernon just before Tupelo concert.

1950s Elvis Setting The Stage On Fire

Elvis During a 1950s Concert in Russwood Park in Memphis, TN on July 4, 1956.


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