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The 1970s saw some of Elvis’ most revered performances, and sadly they also bore witness to his tragic decline. However, no matter how bad his appearance may have become, he still shined as The King of Rock and Roll. So, here’s to some of Elvis’ golden years.

Elvis Burning Love

Elvis: A real hunk of burning love.

Elvis with a gift from a fan

Elvis with a gift from a fan.

Elvis wearing a blue jumpsuit

Elvis says, “Please, come on in.”

Elvis taking a Karate pose on stage.

Elvis says, “I told you it was Baseball season...”

Elvis from the Vegas years.

Elvis in Las Vegas.

Elvis shaking fans' hands

Elvis reaching out to his fans.

Elvis onstage in OH

Elvis: Looking good coming....

Elvis onstage facing band.

....And going!

Elvis 1977 last concert

Elvis during a concert in the late 70s.

Elvis onstage,1976.

Elvis onstage in 1976.

Elvis onstage with JD Sumner.

Elvis says, “No, JD you can’t have the suit.”

Elvis backstage.

Elvis getting ready to go onstage.

Elvis goofing off while rehearsing for That's The Way It Is

Elvis goofing off while rehearsing for That’s The Way It Is.

Elvis onstage getting ready to turn around.

Elvis says, “Give me a minute and I’ll be over there.”

Elvis in 1970

Elvis says, “Whatever happened, I didn’t do it.”

Elvis clowning aroung onstage

Elvis clowning around.

Close up of Elvis

Close up of Elvis and those baby-blues.

Elvis in motion

Elvis in motion onstage.

Elvis performing in 1975

Elvis onstage in 1975.


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